About Us

Enviro Limo services the Greater Brisbane and South East Queensland area. We specialise in corporate transfers and eco-tourism.


Enviro Limo is run by husband and wife team, Juan and Hannah Campos Remon.

Juan has extensive professional driving experience and loves to be out and about driving and speaking with people, so he is the ideal face of the business. Hannah has run her own business for six years and is now in charge of keeping things running behind the scenes at Enviro Limo.

Juan´s love of everything automotive and technological led him to have a fascination with Tesla cars. His dream of owning a Tesla became possible when he realized that an opportunity existed to provide a sustainable alternative to car travel in Brisbane.

Enviro Limo was born out of this opportunity and a desire to branch out in an innovative and independent business venture.

Partnership Opportunities

Enviro Limo is committed to supporting sustainable technologies, practices and businesses. Please feel free to contact us about any potential partnership opportunities.  





If you would be interested in driving for us, please contact us via email including an up-to-date CV and details of your driving experience.



Preferred Partners and Useful Links

Rydges Hotel South Bank is our preferred partner for accommodation in Brisbane. Enviro Limo provides luxury car services as part of Rydges´ Going Green sustainability program.



For sustainable car hire in Sydney we recommend Revel Drive


For high-quality, Brisbane based photography:

Peter Hamilton Mills Photography


Tesla Motors Australia

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